Who Wants To Lose

Between 10 – 31.2 Lbs.

In The Next 8 Weeks?


The Renton Results Boot Camp 2011 “NEW YEAR NEW YOU” Transformation Contest

“Literally 8 weeks from now you can be light years ahead of where you are now in terms of how your body looks, feels and performs!”

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In less than 8 weeks, you can achieve all of this:

  • Lose 13 – 32.3 pounds!
  • Flatten your stomach
  • Increase your health
  • Drop 4 inches or more off your waist, hips, thighs…
  • Reduce stress
  • Improve your mood
  • Skyrocket your energy levels
  • Cut down your workout time & double (probably even triple) your results!
  • Adopt healthy lifestyle habits that will help you to live longer
  • Boost your confidence, self-esteem, and feeling of well-being
  • Have all your friends and family asking you what the heck you did to transform your body in less than 9 weeks…!
  • Look great naked!

You may be asking how can we be so confident in saying this. The answer is that we have done it over and over again in the past and we are improving our system all the time to get the incredible results even faster! I’ll even show you how to get started today, but first let me introduce some of our previous contestants:


Charlton lost more than 22 lbs and 8% body fat during the 8 week contest and he is down over 39 lbs since he started the Renton Results Boot Camp. He attended 3 boot camp classes a week and followed the outlined nutritional system which gave him time to spend with his family and find a lifestyle that he can follow long term!”


Susan entered the contest at the age of 64 and kicked butt, losing over 22 lbs, 20+ inches and over 5% body fat in the 8 weeks. She has continued to be consistent with the classes and has now lost more than 32 lbs. She is a rock star!”


Matt lost over 23 lbs and 4.1% body fat. He improved his body composition, performance and conditioning in the 8 weeks and has since the continued to push his potential in the top boot camp in the greater Seattle area!”


Mari is an awesome example of how much your body can change when you torch fat and build muscle. She lost 14 lbs and over 6% body fat and her body completely transformed! The Renton Results Boot Camp will make you lean, toned in all the right places! Imagine yourself getting those results in the next 8 weeks!”

Here’s what you could win (Prizes listed below)!!!!!
(Besides the fact that you will be at least 10 – 30 pounds lighter
and feel great 8 weeks from the start!)


1st Place Winner: $2227+ in prizes!

$200 Cash ($200 value)
4 Months FREE Boot Camps for YOU ($868 value)
4 Semi private personal training sessions ($240 value)
Precision Nutrition System (Manual and Online Access) + Phone Consult with Luka ($199 value)
3 One-Month FREE Boot Camps Passes for NEW Friends or Family ($651 value)
ART and Chiropractic session with Brett Petrili ($69 Value)
+ More….


2nd Place Winner: $1406+ in prizes!

The NEW iPod Touch or HD Flip Video Camera 8 GB ($200+ value)
2 Months FREE Boot Camps for YOU ($434 value)
2 Semi Private Personal Training Sessions ($120 value)
Gourmet Nutrition Cook Book + Phone Consultation with Luka ($129)
2 One-Month FREE Boot Camps Passes for NEW Friends or Family ($434 value)
ART and Chiropractic session with Brett Petrili ($69 Value)
+ More….


3rd Place Winner: $688+ in prizes!

Spa and Massage Treatment ($120+ value)
1 Month FREE Boot Camps for YOU ($217 value)
1 Semi Private Personal Training Session ($60 value)
1 One-Month FREE Boot Camps Pass for a NEW Friend or Family Member ($217 value)
ART and Chiropractic session with Brett Petrili ($69 Value)
+ More….


We’re working on getting even more prizes and will keep you posted when we add anything.


Now here’s the transformation rules:

1. The contest runs from Saturday, January 22, 2011 to Saturday, March 12, 2011.

2. All weigh ins and measurements will be done Monday, January 17th through Saturday, January 22nd at Hocevar Performance Gym before or after boot camp, semi private and small group personal training sessions. Check for available times.

3. Before pictures have to be submitted before Sunday, January 23rd (mandatory) – the pictures have to be within our guidelines.

4. My team and I will be personally judging each submission and will decide who the top 3 prizes will be awarded to based on weight loss, fat loss, body transformation change, before /after pictures as well as attendance.

5. Expect amazing transformations over these next 8 weeks! I’ve literally had people lose 15+ pounds in less than 3 weeks and over pounds 30 lbs in 8 weeks, so don’t be surprised if you completely transform the person you see in the mirror.

6. The caveat is that you must be using our prescribed nutritional systems to compete in this body transformation contest. Why? The reason being is that I need to make sure that the way you are losing the weight is safe and healthy… there’s no way I want anyone injuring themselves exercising while using crazy magazine clipping workouts or undertaking some point-system diet plan.

7. You have to complete and sign the transformation contract, which we will send to you (email us at luka@hocevarperformance.com). We are serious about our results and the members we accept, as we want to ensure the best service possible for all our members.

8. I want everyone to enjoy reshaping their body and having a 8 week time-line to motivate them to achieving their ultimate body. There’s a lot of motivation that goes along with setting a date and committing yourself to accomplishing something you’ve never done before!


The Skinny

In response to hundred’s if not thousands of Renton residents that are frustrated with their bodies and ready to make a change, I have designed a contest and sure-fire program that will ultimately get and keep you on track to getting you in the best shape of your life.

The contest is simple and EVERYONE wins. When you take the challenge, your registration includes the following:

  • 3 boot camp sessions a week at Renton Results Boot Camp (you can also attend charity boot camp on Saturday’s although we would still appreciate a donation as it all goes towards local charities) ($514 value)
  • Bi weekly accountability meetings and nutritional seminars ($129 value)
  • Rapid Fat Loss Meal Plans and Nutritional Support ($99 value)
  • Grocery Store Tour ($49 value)
  • Email Support with 8 Week Bodyweight Workouts and Challenges ($49 value)
  • Renton Results Boot Camp Transformation E-Book ($29 value)

Wait, there’s more! Check out these bonuses I threw in…

  • Additional Sunday training sessions in parks, scheduled hiking trips and other activities ($? Value)
  • Unannounced challenges ($? Value)
  • + More… (we like surprises)

This program is clearly worth over $1400+. But you can start now for only $399.

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Our Platinum Transformation Package includes and extra small group personal training session per week (8 sessions all together) for those who would like extra training, motivation and individualization and an “upper hand”. This package is only $599.

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Here are some other results from our previous contests: