It took a little while to get the pictures all put together and organized but it was worth it!

First of I would like to congratulate everyone that finished the contest as they all busted their butt to get some incredible results during the 8 weeks. The atmosphere during the contest was great, the training was challenging and everyone supported each other, which is what made those tough days just a little easier to bear.

It was inspiring to see people start believing they can do anything they put their mind to and even though it was a physical transformation contest, there were just as many changes in mindset and confidence.

At the end we had such a tough time picking the top 3 as there were so many contestants with great results. We had to come to a decision and below are the top three contestants as well as a number of the other great before and after pictures and results.

1st Place:  Dawood Amedi

Dawood lost 30.8 lbs and 7.4% body fat during the 8 week contest. He started training in the boot camp a couple of weeks before the contest started and in that ten week time frame he lost more than 40 lbs! What a transformation…

 Dawood Amedi

2nd Place: Mayra Sanchez

Mayra didn’t miss one workout and never forgot to bring in her journal throughout the whole contest which resulted in a second place with a 25.5 lb weight loss and a 5.4% fat loss. Since Mayra started in the Renton Results Boot Camp she has lost 45 lbs and is going string every time she steps foot in the door…

Mayra Sanchez

3rd Place: Tony Smith

Tony was another contestant that never missed and constantly pushed the intensity. He lost 30.2 lbs and 6.1% body fat. Since the contest finished Tony has lost another 6 lbs and is getting ready for his first sprint triathlon.

Tony Smith

Many of the other contestants also had some great results and they are definitely winners in my mind. Some of them were really close to being in the top 3!

Matt Meikle lost 23.2 lbs and 5.6% body fat and he was a close runner up to 3rd place.

Matt MeilkeJohn Calnan lost 15.8 lbs and 3.8% body fat, not to mention he is beasting the weights!

John CalnanLee Spencer lost exactly 15 lbs and 5.8% body fat and she had one of the best visual transformations. Can you say “six pack”?! Great job Lee!

Lee SpencerDoug Lawrenson initially lost over 20 lbs when he joined the Renton Results Boot Camp, during the contest he lost 6.5 lbs and 3% body fat getting him a six pack and Spartan like conditioning. He’s taking his training to the next level and working on his strength and muscle…

Doug LawrensonKasheen Brown started the contest 3 weeks late and definitely made it up with the intensity and positive attitude she brought to the class. She lost 12.8 lbs and 3.1% body fat and had a wow transformation considering she was in the contest for just 6 weeks…

Kasheen BrownRod Spencer lost 8.5 lbs and 2% body fat and even though he always had something “nice” to tell me, he put in work and got in great shape. He’s also taking his fitness levels further with personal training at Hocevar Performance and building strength and muscle….

Rod Spencer

I will post up some of the other before and after pictures as they are getting finished.

I can’t say how proud I am of everyone for all the hard work and the support that they presented to each other. The contest was a success and we are working on holding a number of different contests throughout the year.

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