This is what you get…

Boot Camps

Train in award winning boot camps that deliver group personal training attention and top level results. Our boot camps are structured to deliver not only great programming, challenging and fun training sessions that are built for all fitness levels, but also world class coaching!

Nutritional guidence

Nutritional guidance, Q & A workshops, to make sure you understand what you need individually to take you to the next level of your transformation

Accountability & Tracking

Group coaching on lifestyle and nutrition through Facebook as well as accountability software for you and your team!

Bonus Training

Bonus training sessions and workshops with your team coaches! Develop better skills, knowledge and accountability to tackle the next plateau…

Who and how?

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Teams of 3

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How will you benefit

#1 Real Results

Knowledgeable, educated and professional trainers that really care about your results and will coach you to break your plateaus. Not just counting reps and ignoring you after the training session is done.

#2 Energy and Supportive Atmosphere

An atmosphere like no other, supportive, motivational and full of energy that will help you stay accountable and push through the tough times, while getting great coaching .

#3 Chance at $1500

If everything else bores you and doesn’t do it for you then maybe the $1500+ cash prize will help! Get amazing results and get paid for it….I like :)

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At least 1 must be non Vigor Ground member.

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